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Game Advertising Done Differently

The Fair Advertising Network is for a community of game developers to reduce costs in advertising their games over a long period of time.


You only pay a fixed amount each day to promote your game regardless of how many clicks or impressions you receive. This system gives everybody a fair chance, nobody can pay more than another to boost their promotion.


We do not cash out earnings from advertising, the credit goes back into your account. This incentivises the right developers to join the network, those that want to both promote their own games and help others to be discovered.

The amount you spend promoting your game on the Fair Advertising Network in a year could easily be spent in an hour on other advertising networks.
For as little as AUD $1 per day you can promote your game on the Fair Advertising Network.

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Keep advertising for longer

The Fair Advertising Network is a place for developers to both promote and advertise.
The more you advertise, the less it costs you to promote your own games.

To keep promotion costs low for you, we keep credits within the system.
Advertising earns you credits based off how much you promoted other games in the network.
By advertising other games you are effectively lengthening the promotion of your own games at no extra cost.

Level Playing Field

We sort and shuffle promotions constantly to give every promotion a chance to be viewed.

Whether you are an indie or a large developer, you have equal opportunity to be promoted on the Fair Advertising Network.

No SDK ... and that is a good thing

You are a developer, you have no need for an SDK that could bloat your app with extraneous code and take resources from your game just to advertise.

Simple web requests are all you need to get started. Requests return JSON data that is easy to use, but you already know that.

We give you all the tools to build advertising the way you want to in your game. Use the JSON data to make banner ads, interstitials or whatever else makes sense in your game.

See documentation

    "ads": [
            "ref": "test_ad_ios_1",
            "title": "Sum Gems",
            "description": "How high can you sum your gems?",
            "store_url": "itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/id878367187",
            "web_url": "https://itunes.apple.com/app/sum-gems/id878367187",
            "callback_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/api/track/ad_click?ad=test_ad_ios_1&pkey=test_package_key_ios",
            "image_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/assets/img/sum_gems_ad_ios.png",
            "icon_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/assets/img/sum_gems_icon.png"
            "ref": "test_ad_ios_2",
            "title": "That 9 Game",
            "description": "What game is it? Oh it is that 9 game.",
            "store_url": "itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/id944123579",
            "web_url": "https://itunes.apple.com/app/that-9-game/id944123579",
            "callback_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/api/track/ad_click?ad=test_ad_ios_2&pkey=test_package_key_ios",
            "image_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/assets/img/that_9_game_ad_ios.png",
            "icon_url": "https://wirthwhilegaming.com/assets/img/that_9_game_icon.png"

Where Should I Display Ads?

You can advertise promotions wherever you want in your game or website, it is completely customisable and up to you.

We recommend adding another scene to your game dedicated to advertising games on the network, like in Sum Gems.
Alternatively, display a random promotion from the list when the game ends such as Tickle The Nose has done.

Wait, Why Should I Advertise If I Do Not Get Paid?

Personally we have found that unless you have a very large player base, you will not earn much from your in-game advertisements anyway. Do you really want to earn very little promoting games that are already popular from a large studio by using another advertising network, or help another indie get a download? By all means, use as many advertising networks in your game as you like, and do not display our promotions prominently if you are looking for revenue generation.

The Fair Advertising Network is about building a community of game developers who help each other to promote their games at a low cost over a long period of time. It is super simple to include these promotions in your game and it wont cost you anything, so why not advertise our promotions in your game? While you are at it, you might as well promote your games on the network too, it is not going to cost you much anyway.

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